Tuesday 8 June 2010

Declaring War

Ive been intrigued by Warpaint ever since hearing their single ‘Billie Holiday’ some months ago – or was it last year? – and thinking that Chan Marshall had started a band and was revisiting her Psychic Hearts days in earnest. Having signed to Rough Trade and started work on their debut album, its hard to think of the future of music without throwing these twisted chanteuses in the mix. Aptly described as a mix of Cat Power and Liars, their seductive ambient tones tempered by moody atmospherics can be rendered asunder by sudden bursts of inexplicable waves of distortion, anger, and spike-laden psych. The more I listen to Warpaint, the more I imagine the mythical Sirens luring me onto the jagged rocks that remain shadowed from my vision until it is fatally too late. It is intoxicating to the point of anguish – the true tightrope between pleasure and pain.

If you missed their recent shows at the Lexington and the Luminaire, do not despair – they will not falter until all have fallen under their spell, entwined in their embrace, then are shattered upon the rocks…

Warpaint - Elephants

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