Thursday 24 June 2010

Clipd beaks - Liars via Trash Humpers?

These guys seem a wee little fucked up. Their music denotes the filth and the fury of the netherworld, further augmented by music videos like the one for 'Home' (see below) that provides a literal translation. Harmony Korine would be smiling smugly Im sure. Be that as it may, Clipd Beaks have created a visceral monster of a record with To Realize (through Lovepump, home of noisemongers HEALTH) - get this, post haste! 'Home' is brilliant - a seething serpentine sound that at first evokes Liars before it explodes into noise and screams that would frighten if they didnt arouse... A true horror movie of a band - and we all know how successful that genre is... Expect to see this guys rise up, take the sun out of the sky, and cast the land in darkness.

Clipd Beaks - Home

Clipd Beaks - Alien

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