Friday 25 June 2010

Do not lament - Wavves of old still lurks...

After I posted Wavves new 'single' 'Post-Acid' last week, fellow Sonic Masala-er Paul was more than a little concerned. He felt that by adding the glossy finish, Nathan Williams, in the effort of trying something new, was actually creating something generic, decidedly un-Wavves - AKA the end of the world.

Fear not, Pauly Shore.

Stereogum has announced that two tracks Wavves threw out last year, 'Cool Jumper' and 'Mickey Mouse', will be on 3rd LP King of the Beach. Well, one of them will be, most definitely - 'Mickey Mouse', in some guise at least. And in case anyone has forgotten, this is what Wavves sounded like before the production values kicked in:

Wavves - Cool Jumper
Wavves - Mickey Mouse

I am excited regardless. You should be too, Paul. And you too. And you...and you...maybe not you...but definitely YOU.

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