Monday 7 June 2010

Islet into their world

There seems to be a theme for today's posts, they're all about bands that have featured in previous posts... hold on, I'm sure Brendan said something similar recently! Not that it matters 'cos there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a band on the way up - and last Thursday we at Sonic Masala saw just that.

The SM crew headed east to Barden's Boudoir for yet another Upset The Rhythm gig to see Mi Ami and Islet. Both bands have graced these pages before and Mi Ami completely blew us away, they were mind destroying! But I wanted to put a word in for the Cardiff gang Islet and their new mini album Celebrate This Place, out on Turnstile. They put in a great live set, despite their problems with their bass lead (which they handled very well I thought) but nothing had prepared me for the epic bit of wax I picked up from the band after the gig.

When I first saw Islet playing support at the Lock Tavern earlier this year I knew that they could be something a bit special, what with their frenetic, percussion obsessed live show. But this one piece of vinyl could take them to a whole new level. Every track is packed with more ideas and imagination than many bands manage in a whole album, each an epic journey of changes of rhythm, moments of delicate melody and wild unabashed joy. But unlike other bands who trade on the chaotic there's something that bonds Islet's work together, fragmented yes, but always part of a greater whole.

In my drunk haze after the gig I might have commented that Cardiff have found their own Arcade Fire, but in hindsight its Arcade Fire jamming with Philadelphia's Man Man down a Welsh back street behind a toy factory. I'm sure they'll go on to prove me right.

Islet - We Shall Visit
Islet - One of These Worlds

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