Tuesday 1 June 2010

Endless Boogie Woogie

My flight form the fair city of Barcelona landed at lunchtime today and here I'm posting already. By all normal measures of human existence I should be lying in the corner of a dark room in the fetal position. Yes dear reader, Primavera was that good! And I promise you there will be a whole plethora of posts to come on the subject but I could noy rest my weary head without mentioning Endless Boogie, who blew what was left of my pectic mind on Saturday, or was it Friday, I can't remember!

First off thanks to Warren and Sara, via Si, for the tip off about this band. This is how music used to be, in the good old days when music had layers of blues drenched, howling, face-scrunching, riff laden grit. This is blues-rock jam glory extended to the four corners of the earth, forever and oblivion. Yeah, I kinda like it.

Although Endless Boogie's album Focus Level came out back in June 2008, it could have landed decades before. I have one question - where the fuck was I?

Endless Boogie - Jammin' with Top Dollar

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