Thursday 3 June 2010

Eternal Sunshine of the Summer Mind

This post goes hand in hand with Reading Rainbow, seeing as they are buddies and all, and have embraced the garage-rock style with '60s hooks and girl group vocals. I know that this styling is going to get old, and that only a few of this 'new guard' will stand the test of time, but while it encapsulates the zeitgeist of music as we know it for the forseeable future, we may as well cut the cream from the crock - and Eternal Summers fit the top billing in my opinion.

We posted about these guys back in April. The Virginian duo put out a split 7" back in Feb called Summer Reading through Meal Deal Records, but have also released a self titled 10" via Chimney Sweep Records. And like Reading Rainbow, they showcase not just pop with sunniness to burn, but craftily constructed tunes that can punch you lovingly in the face one minute, and kiss you menacinly on the cheek the next.

Which makes Eternal Summers a seminal summer band - fun sun sex BBQ water laughs high-fives parks hugs love.

I think that if I could get Eternal Summers, Reading Rainbow, Beach Fossils and Best Coast all into one room, not only would I get a sunburn of radioactive proportions, I would die an incredibly loved up man, like an overdose on a shot glass full of pills. Sounds ominous - but is the closest thing to a blissful overload that I can conjure.

Eternal Summers - Lightswitch

Eternal Summers - Able To

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