Monday 14 June 2010

Obit - March on, Hot Snake...

The past week has been rough on me. Work has been a
maelstrom of manic meltdowns, forcing me to miss out on
Supergrass' apparently excellent gig, tone down at a 30th,
and generally howl at the moon. Today however has been the
payoff - glowing review of my output and portfolio, as well
as my short story being submitted to a major national
competition. So Im chuffed as fuck. This news did a double
helix to the sun with the news that Hot Snakes were doing a
reunion! Unfortunately, it wasnt exactly true. However it
opened up a lot of amazing memories, and with rose tinted
Ray Bans firmly in place, I thought Id highlight a
criminally underrated act - and what they have since morphed

It was a sad day five years ago when Brooklyn balltearers
The Hot Snakes decided to call it a day. Made up of members
from already fucking amazing acts Drive Like Jehu and Rocket
From The Crypt, Hot Snakes offered the world tightly wound,
tension filled garage rock to the point that your body would
secrete out every ounce of fluid - blood, sweat, tears, piss
- as its only recourse. Three albums (Automatic Midnight,
Suicide Invoice, Audit In Progress
) and incendiary live
shows put Rick Froberg, John Reis, Gar Wood and Jason
Kourkounis (briefly replaced by Mario Rubalcaba near the
end) on a underground pedestal, elevating them into punk
demi-gods. I was lucky enough to see them in 2005 just
before their demise - it was damned special.

None of the band have stayed idle. Reis' 'day band' Rocket
From The Crypt also closed up shoppe in 2005 ( a sad year
indeed...), and since then he has continued work with his
independent label Swami Records, his artwork as seen on the
remarkable Hot Snake LP sleeves very much in evidence,
whilst playing in bands such as the Sultans (2000-2007) and
current act Night Marchers (which sees him reunite with
Snakers Wood and Kourkounis). Froberg has been kicking
around with his new act Obits for just on two years now.

And now the exciting part - they are touring together! No
Hot Snakes reunion yet, but Obits and Night Marchers are
stamping their seal of (dis)approval all over the US this
July. Obits are taking it one step further, bringing their
admittedly "Hot Snakes with less vitriol and more melody"
schtick (which is actually a good thing - although not as
good as HS, still a damn sight better than most other stuff
out there) to Europe in October! No exact dates for the UK,
but we'll keep you in the loop...

Anyway, here's a track from Obits' to date only LP, I Blame You. Also
included is some Night Marchers (taut and fierce

guitars, drums pounding but not over-bearing, the occasional
shouted backing vocals mix well with Reis' powerful everyman
vocal delivery, nastily catchy chorus hooks - everything
we've come to expect from the big man), one of Hot Snakes'
best...and hey, what the hell, you only live once - some
Rocket From The Crypt and Drive Like Jehu! Now how about
draining that keg? What, its only Monday? The vicious
cycle begins again...

Obits - Pine On
The Night Marchers - Jump In The Fire

The Hot Snakes - Let It Come

Drive By Jehu - Do You Compute
Rocket From The Crypt - Pigeon Eater

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  1. Nice post man. Which show are you going to? The choices we have to make.