Sunday 13 June 2010

Japandroids Can't Get Any Younger - Can They?

picture by charlotte zoller

Vancouver-based garage/punksters Japandroids plan to release a series of singles this year, both digitally and in 7” format, each featuring an outtake from 2009’s fucking amazing Post Nothing. The first one, “Art Czars”, dropped back in April - I didnt post about it, Ill talk more in a mo - and now the second is being readied for a July 7 release. It features “Younger Us”, backed by a cover of X’s “Sex And Dying In High Society.”

Now I have professed my love of Japanadroid's sweaty loved-up debut on a number of occasions. I have also stated how great they were when they trashed Madame Jojo's last year. However the new singles have a much cleaner, crisper sound to them - and this frightens me. Although it wont change their live presence - fingers crossed - I feel that the better production values actually devalue the snot-nosed rambunctious aesthetic appeal these Vancouvereans hold. I still hang out for each of these admittedly cool releases - but my enthusiasm is diminishing somewhat...

Anyway, maybe I will be disheartened for no reason. And maybe you'll love what is in store. Check it out and make up your own mind....

Japandroids - Younger Us

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