Sunday 27 June 2010

Zorch those Holy Deacon Fuckers to the ground!!!

I saw Holy Fuck at Breeders' ATP last May, and was suitably impressed - their first LP has had a prominent place on my playlist ever since. The Canadians use live instruments and other non-instruments to create electronics...without the electronics. In doing so Holy Fuck have created a very refreshing and fun sound that a lot of bands are now trying to emulate.

I saw Dan Deacon only a few weeks later at ULU. The Baltimore mad scientist was brilliant - crowd participation and interaction combined with a blisteringly fun set that had all and sundry writhing around with the goofiest of grins. Hence Bromst was added to the mix.

Now if these two electro avant groups had a hedonistic night together in a multicoloured wigwam in the middle of the desert, the illegitimate lovechild would invariably shirk both bands whilst intrinsically holding onto their DNA, move to Austin Texas and call themselves Zorch.

Zorch made a hell of an impact at Austin's South By South West, and no wonder. Their two-piece noise orgy is everything that noise should be - intricate, loud, and fun. The best description of their sound has to be Rhythm Sektion's review ( "...makes me feel like a koala bear crapped a rainbow on my brain"). Get their demo for free here, and if you still arent sold, listen to the track below. Prepare for multicoloured fecal matter to flood your senses...

Zorch - Zut Alore!