Wednesday 16 June 2010

Lil Dagger time

Its nice when bands get in touch. It's even nicer when the said band's music is a raucous blend of garage swagger and psych surf fun - and that's just where Lil Daggers fit the bill perfectly. The Miami gang push the kind of lo-fi psychedelic upbeat surf rock that begs to be played in a hot sweaty basement or at a messy summer BBQ. It's sunny fun but with a dark wicked grin running right across its face. In other words, these guys would be perfect to put any UK festival on the front foot. Question though: are they going to make it across the pond before the end of summer? I hope so.

Lil Daggers have a few tracks doing the rounds in blog land at the moment, Hungry seems to going down well and the 7" E.P King Korpze is out in July. Get your self in the mood below...

Lil Daggers - Hungry
Lil Daggers - Devil You Know
Lil Daggers - King Korpze

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