Tuesday 15 June 2010

Drop Acid and Ride the Wavves...

I haven't had much luck with Wavves. My one and only chance thus far of seeing them was last year at the Old Blue Last. Paul and I went up to buy tickets on the door. There was literally no one in there, and yet it was 'sold out'. We ended up at 93 Feet East - and the less said about that the better... Two days later Wavves had a meltdown on stage and that was the last of him for a while. These events (in)explicably left a bad taste in my mouth, and I had found my interest in their actions waning...until now.

2nd album King of the Beach is almost upon us - out in August via Fat Possum - and a track (out on Green Label Sound) and the cover art have been flung at the wall to see what sticks. Sometimes that's how Wavves comes across - a mad pastiche, forever fighting a losing battle for coherence, yet (in)explicably listenable. 'Post Acid' lives up to the claims of a cleaner sound, without losing any of that innate craziness. Its warped and ugly, and yet beautiful - like a rainbow shining off a BP oil spill. My yearning to catch Wavves in the act has returned.

There's plenty chances to do just that too - Upset The Rhythm are hosting a night in his honour, and he's playing a host of festivals including 1234 Shoreditch. Unless he beats another band member to death with his own shoes, we will all have a chance to take the plunge...

Wavves - Post Acid

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