Saturday 26 June 2010

Sebadoh fails to go Missing, come good once more

Here's a couple little anecdotes for ya, to start off your Saturday whilst drinking your coffee/tea/finger of amber. Both involve Lou Barlow's Sebadoh.

And before I get started - no, i don't like Lou Barlow, he's a twat.

But after being notoriously ousted by his bandmates J Mascis and Murph of Dinosaur Jr, to then go and be infinitely more popular than when he was involved, he continued on with indie band Sebadoh, who in 1994 put out Bakesale, one of the best albums of the 1990s. I still remember the first time I heard about them, AND the first time I heard them. There was a review of Bakesale in Rolling Stone magazine, the 1st one I had ever bought (it had Smashing Pumpkins on the front, with d'Arcy of course, before Billy Corgan became a full blown douche and dated Jessica Simpson). It certainly piqued my interest - and for some reason the cover art was burned into my brain. So about a year later Im in my cousin Greg's room. This was a seminal afternoon for me, as I also properly listened to Sonic Youth for the 1st time - but that's another story. I noticed, peeking out of the myriad of scattered CDs littering the floor, that cover art for Bakesale. Greg put it on - and it killed.

My love affair with Sebadoh has been always off and on, short torrid bursts of indulgence followed by long troughs of disdain. But that album is still amazing...

2nd anecdote - my friend Si (or my sister's boyfriend Si, however it should be put haha!), mentioned that he always thought that Lou Barlow was a ballbag and never really gave Sebadoh the time of day, writing them off as incredibly shit, possibly (nay, most probably) shitter than shit. Then for whatever reason he heard Bakesale - and although it doesnt change the fact the Barlow can shit off, the album is a true testament to proper slacker indie rock.

Now, finally, some songs! First up is 'License to Confuse' off - what else? - Bakesale (I think Harmacy is pretty good too - not iii though, or most of Barlow's solo excrement). The second is from the band Sentridoh, Barlow's collaboration with The Missingmen. Stereogum claim that the EP that's coming out wont be as exciting as iii; if that's the case, avoid it like the plague. But Im pretty sure they're wrong on this account - 'Losercore' is a pretty cool song. Enjoy!

Oh - and I dont like Lou Barlow, just so's you know's.

Sebadoh - License to Confuse

Sentridoh - Losercore (Sebadoh + The Missingmen)

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