Thursday 24 June 2010

Encounter Fans On the Hori-zine

On Tuesday we told you about the supports for Male Bonding (which was a great show BTW - straight to the point, appropriately aggressive, and can be heard via Xfm). Well, tonight we have Cymbals Eat Guitars gracing Camden's Barfly stage, and I thought Id introduce you to 'em.

1st and foremost - Fanzine, a London fourtet that are straddling the distorted guitar/thumping drums aesthetics of 90s indie rock with a smattering of lo-fi garage - all with a sense of tongues firmly in cheek. Their songs (there arent many so far) are catchy as all get out, and is just another band that will benefit from that inexplicable communal happiness that overcomes London when the sun graces us with its presence. (check out track 'Susan' below for a taste).

Also supporting are Encounters, who I know next to nothing about other than their name and myspace page. So check that out I guess.

Make sure to catch these guys before Staten Island's own blow you all away. Fin.

Fanzine - Susan

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