Tuesday 8 June 2010

Jets Still A Mystery Thanks To Spaced-Out Ships

I'm going to be writing a lot about Offset Festival this year, now its 3rd year nestled in Hainault Forest in September. Not just because it attracts a vast array of interesting, exciting, new and blatantly weird acts, but also because it could quite possibly be the only festival I take in this summer…Anyway, enough about that. With the likes of Shit & Shine, Liquid Liquid and Monatonix in attendance, with many many more acts to be announced, its going to be an amazing weekend.

One of the acts mentioned in the new line up announcements is Mystery Jets. I knew nothing about them before today… although for whatever reason I had an uneasy hangover of an idea that they were indelibly shit. I was willing to wipe them straight away except for the fact that Wooden Shjips has remixed the Jets’ track ‘Dreaming Of Another World’, a crunching, droning, 6 minute splurge that has confused me in many ways. I know that Wooden Shjips are a damn cool band, but do they have the wizardry to polish turds into gold? Or is there something behind Mystery Jets’ synth stylings that suggests a band of some note? The jury is still out, but I do like this track enough to declare Blaine Harrison’s act innocent until proven guilty - just…


  1. "You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter" a wiser person than me once said. Sorry but the first MJ album was 'ok' but they've been turd ever since. I don't think even the WS can help this one!

  2. how can you not remember that horrible single "two doors down? hey guys...it was only new wave 25 years ago.