Tuesday 22 June 2010

Judge, (Philadelphia Grand) Jury and Executioner

Tonight at Barfly Camden Dalston (and SM) faves Male Bonding are playing.  They are
supported by the very able Philadelphia Grand Jury. Consisting of
MC Bad Genius on bass,
keyboard and guitar and Berkfinger on vocals and guitar,
the Australian duo (now with
drummer Calvin Welch) pump out effervescent garage rock
pop, and have been going
from strength to strength - they played an especially delicious White
Heat gig at Madame
Jojo's, last month, and recently toured with the likes of Fiery Furnaces
(a band Ive never
fully gotten into, but still...) They mark another Aussie band who have
fled to the UK to
chance their arm at something bigger and brighter.
Check out their 7" now

On a side note, the
other support act is Standard Fare, who we have championed in the past.
This promises to be a special (and very sunny) gig indeed, so make sure you grab tix now!

Philadelphia Grand Jury - The Good News

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