Thursday 17 June 2010

Runs in your blood

He calls himself Blood Music and with one listen you'll understand why. If Sonic Masala has one genre of music pumping through its black heart then its post rock. Names like Mogwai, God Speed, Slint, Sonic Youth (and a shed load of non-post rock to be honest) brought us together, bound us in the early hours, and fueled us through our drunken ramblings - or was that the curry? Anyway I'm sure you get the idea. But its been a while since I've dropped some proper post rock shapes on the pages of SM so stumbling onto the new E.P from Blood Music, If You Listen You Will See, feels like coming home somehow.

But this is no 'me too' post rock. No, its music that practices the art of anticipation perfectly, the soundtrack to a walk home right on the cusp of dawn, it welcomes you, takes you in, warms the very blood in your veins. But you know danger could be around every corner, distant but still ready.

Blood Music have put out the new E.P free to download here and as you can probably tell I'm smitten. Blood Music, is the work of Karl-Jonas Winqvist form Sweden and he's due to play 1234 festival in July, which has the kind of line up to die for. Now I've got yet another band I pray wont clash with Action Beat.

Blood Music - When You Realize
Blood Music - OrpheƩ

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  1. Mate, love this. A LOT. Am getting hotter for 1234 as each day passes...