Tuesday 15 June 2010

Lick like the cat

The above a pic of my folks cat Susie, she's a bit of tart, had kittens when she was dead young, the moment you sit on the sofa she's up there on your lap for a stroke and some quality purr time. But why this feline affection? Well courtesy of The Decibel Tolls blog (who clearly share a fondness for our feline friends) We Like Cats, a new 'supergroup' made up of White Rainbow, Honey Owens of Valet, and Inca Ore, have dropped this slice of lazy Tuesday morning (or any time of day for that matter) fuzz smeared dub. Think a Scratch Lee Perry sonic shaped ice lolly and you're nearly there.

We Like Cats - Ruffalution (Vital Ital Version)

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