Friday 25 June 2010

Friday cover up - mining the Noughties hitlist

Im in control of the Friday Cover Up this week, as again Im am left to man the controls while Paul and Ani flitter off to a festival (something called Glastonbury - speaking of which, when are we going to hear about Primavera? Seeing as most of us had to stay here in England and live life in the 'real world' - insert vitriol here...) Last time I was left to do my own thing, I brought in David Cross. Today - its the It couple of Hip-Hop and RnB, Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Well, strange imitations thereof. Jay-Z's iconic anthem '99 Problems' is given a twee as fuck makeover by none other than Philadelphia Grand Jury, as mentioned earlier this week.

For Beyonce, we are attacking a Destiny's Child song - and we owe Elbow for the offering. Well, kind of...

Elbow - Independent Woman (Destiny's Child cover) - as covered by kittens...

So Jay Z says stay clear of independent bitches, and Beyonce says get out of the way of us independent bitches - or pussies - that smoke... They're a match made in heaven - a true intellectual force to be reckoned with... And that's it, Im in desperate need of getting shitfaced! Enjoy the weekend folks - there'll be some ruminations on Sebadoh, Modest Mouse, and other things to spit at your monitor over. Until then - get smashed!

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