Thursday 3 June 2010

Reading stuff is cool!

What a lovely day we are having here in sunny London. Seems like the perfect chance to talk about Reading Rainbow, a Philadelphia band whose playful melodies and catchy choruses are custom made for summer. They stole their name from an oh-so-popular children's show that champions reading, so the effervescense is inherent. Their CD-R Songs To Sing To is excellent, all sonic bliss and fun imagery - and it seriously rocks... Most of these songs can also be found on Mystic Participation, which came out last year, and are about to hit us full force with Hozac Records-led Prism Eyes. Another band I decided to give a go after reading about them in some obtuse blog whose name I cant recall, and am ecstatically surprised at what I have discovered. Love it love it love it! Now to hit the park with this pumping out of the speakers...

Reading Rainbow - Feral Kids
Reading Rainbow - Underground
Reading Rainbow - Be My Sunrise

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