Wednesday 29 May 2013

Sonic Masala Presents A Double Whammy Of Shows!! EXHIBIT A

The last couple of Sonic Masala shows to grace the Waiting Room have been niche, minimalist/maximalist affairs - there was the Ladyfest-affiliated show featuring neon coven Shooga, gauzy washouts Ultra Material and human sonic playground X In O; and an intimate affair that heralded the first Brisbane outing for Melbourne's idiosyncratic soundscapers No-Way Sweden, backed by improv beatniks FEET TEETH and the first (and possible only - let's hope not) show from Blank Realm offshoot Financiers.

This weekend is changing all that, with some firsts for Sonic Masala. First up, metal Lokis No Anchor are playing a rare show since IKR travelled south of the border, to air some tracks off latest album The Golden Bridge. And seeing as I have already slaved over the presser for this, I'm going to post it relatively verbatim...

Keeping with the shifting sonic sands of what constitutes a Sonic Masala show, we are seeing out the last night of autumn with a biting brace of brutal noise, searing your aural glands for the winter.

No Anchor – the cantankerous sons-o-bitches with disdain for everything (especially guitars) followed up the acclaimed Real Pain Supernova with more eclectic (and in some places, very amusing) The Golden Bridge, and continue to obliterate the line between metal and other modes of sonic voice. Expect some shredded larynxes, some serrated eardrums, and a whole lot of contemplation of where the world is heading after all this comes to an end. 

O – another band defying easy metal categorisation, O melds black metal tropes with more melodic, jangling guitars and brooding, dystopian drone to create something that feels truly emblematic of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This is the real music that should be pumping out of the stereo of the last of the V8 Interceptors. Abrasive, anarchic, adrenal overload.

Vassals – post-rock for the have-nots. Vassals tramples roughshod over the heaving corpse of the quiet/loud dynamic, cathartic in its wanton hedonism. No rest for the cranial membrane here…

So there you have it, Part 1 in a two parter...

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