Tuesday 14 May 2013

Cartavetro Wattage (Tenzenmen Update #2)

Doing an update on Tenzenmen Records is almost a futile effort, so many releases seem to flow out of this excellent DIY distro/label. So I intend to devote as much time as possible on catching you up. Whilst the majority of bands are from the Australasian quadrant of the world, today we travel to Italy - Genoa in fact. CRTVTR (pronounced "Cartavetro") mold Washington DC post punk into a variety of ill fitting forms to create something amorphous and uneasy. They are not alone in their constant search for meaning within the gaps between genres either, as on their latest LP Here It Comes, Tramontane! they are joined by one of the world's truest sonic journeymen, Mike Watt.  Such connections make sense, due to much of the musical aspirations coming from ninety-degree about-turns, math spikes transforming into post-rock ebbs and flows, 
electronic ambiance melding with effect manipulation. It doesn't always work, but something like this never will, and that isn't the point. The point is taking ownership of the sound, control within the experiment, or at least being at one long enough to allow the loss of control.

Here It Comes, Tramontane! can be picked up here.

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