Wednesday 29 May 2013

Popularising Plastic Flowers

Man, I'm looking forward to my holiday. Cramming England and Holland into two weeks, give or take a couple days. Hope to see some bands too (Honeyslide and Scott & Charlene's Wedding to be precise). But more keen for a European summer. One of my favourite summers was spent in Europe in 2009. I kicked it off in Greece for two weeks, spent a week in Manchester (what a weird week that was), then to Bosnia and Germany. Sublime...but I cant help but wonder how much of an improvement Plastic Flowers would have made the experience (especially the ferry from the Greek islands to Athens at night, which I spent drinking the worst vodka ever (read - ethanol) with a stranger who was paying, and strangely enamoured with my clothes...hmmm...). These characters are the dreamiest of popsters, floating in a minimalist ether, dust motes floating and lighting up as it hits opaque sunlight.

Plastic Flowers - Populists

'Populists' is off Plastic Flowers' Aftermath EP (out through Manic Pop Records), which you can hear in full below, and buy the red vinyl 7" here. Its a name your price download too, well worth the investment.

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