Friday 3 May 2013

Children Are Obsessively Lazy

I'm a teacher. And sometimes teaching gets me down. There is only so many times you can lead a horse to water, just to see it not drink, before you want to grab that horse and hold its head underwater, all the while hushing it softly as the convulsions subside. "Tough love", I believe it's called. 
Of course the powers that be don't look kindly on such stances, but I reckon Lazy would lend more sympathetic ears - or at least a modern-day Syren, wooing the kids with their snotty, cooler-than-thou sneers before sending them tumbling over the cliff, indifferent to their howls of betrayal. The Kansas City four-piece have a propensity for feverish stabs of chaotic punk, yet somehow packaged together in a seamless perfection, like a Dali jigsaw puzzle. Their forthcoming record Obsession (out through Moniker Records)promises to be exactly that - a rabid hunger, an addiction, a serrated fever dream that jumps and skips off track, yet indelibly holds you close and never lets go. You'll never stray from being Lazy...
You can pre-order Obsession here.

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