Monday 27 May 2013

Making Teardrops In Topshop

This 7" EP (called Topshop - not sure if its after the European clothing chain, but I certainly hope so) from Brighton's Teardrop Factory is pretty special. Four songs of smudged, broken guitar amble, shoegaze for the inebriated and bewildered. Take 'Vanity Unfair' for example - three minutes of distorted wash, dishevelled vocals disappearing down an abandoned well. Or the title track, a wonky pop slouch that sounds drunken, sedated and incredibly addictive. Finding the finely structured songwriting beneath the fuzz isn't hard; getting it out of your head is nigh on impossible.

Topshop comes out on Faux Discx today - you can grab it here. This grabbed me as much as The Growlers EP a couple years back, and those are tracks that have buried themselves into my soul, out.

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