Saturday 11 May 2013

The Right Hemisphere For A Beloved Elk

Most nights I'm looking for rage and ruin, or I'm searching for a caterwaul of emotion, a spiralling crescendo of sonic emotion that steals the breath away. Tonight, after a fifteen hour shift looking after forty-four schoolboys from all four corners of the State, I could swing either way (especially on missing tonight's stellar Lofly showcase of SM faves Secret Birds, Gazar Strips and Roku Music).

Melbourne is a harbour town for either of these predilections also. Yet I find myself straddling the fence, taking to heart a group who are elegant, eloquent, a little eccentric. They are Beloved Elk - their release the Hemispheres EP. The soaring ecstasy of a warm night's drive on a deserted highway, window down, air hitting the face, the eyelids at half mast, the car swerving almost in slow motion. You could crash; you could take flight. Either would be a welcome embrace. Such fragile futility, such understated fecundity. With dark gleaming pop echoing in the chambers, Beloved Elk may not work for me every day of the week - but on a night at its lowest ebb, a glass of red and the burning embers of a cigarette, I'm in the right hemisphere to take out the dawn.

You can grab Hemispheres here. Beloved Elk are touring the EP this month (Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide - no Brisbane shows yet) - definitely check them out (I may listen to '2am/6am' incessantly in those hours of every waning bender from now to the end of my days).

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