Friday 17 May 2013

Cooling Down For A Cruel Summer

Cruel Summer could be a reference to the "excellent" Ace of Base album of the same name, or indeed a reference to the Kanye mixtape album he put out last year. And there is indeed something rather clique-ish about this San Francisco quartet - that of the wistful, morose, yet nevertheless airy kind, the beautiful yet aloof kind. Still, this self-titled EP (out next month on 12" vinyl through Mt St Mtn) is abundant in pendulous emotions, swaying from hot and cold and back again, keep you on edge at all times (see the first of the two sample tracks 'Carquinez' to catch this shadowy drift). Its a nice inversion of the summer jangle pop "gems" that tend to burst forth like seasonal weeds this time of year, and is worthy of further attention. These kids aren't cruel, they just have depth.

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