Thursday 2 May 2013

Rad History Month

Back in 2011, I was enamoured by Fucking Despair, a small release by Boston's Fat History Month, specifically the title track (it made our best songs for the year). This song still slays me. It is acoustic desperation excellence bar none, the kind that sweeps you away. There is a slight Australian connection with these guys also, seeing as their Safe & Sound 7" came out on Brisbane's Bedroom Suck Records the same year (you can still buy it here). The band have a LP out, Bad History Month (on Exploding In Sound/Sophomore Lounge), and it continues the duo's scattershot imagery interspersed with whimsical angst, shambolic regrets and enough rustic bombast and flippant half-jokes to fill a fleet of freak-folk flotillas, only to sink them all as they come within eyesight of the shore. Psychedelic breakdowns for the straight-edged, or pop for the deranged - either way, Fat History Month are possibly one of the most underrated acts that I have come across since I started Sonic Masala. Their songs are the kinds that you come back to time and again - and in an age of disposable art, this is mighty high praise.

You can buy Bad History Month here - it comes with a 6" x 9" 30 page illustrated lyric comic book and an 11" x 17" poster all drawn by Adric Giles. And like their good labelmates Pile and their album from last year Dripping, they don't make such rambling, discordant indie rock like this anymore - maybe they never did. A very good album that deserves much higher kudos than it's ever going to receive.

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