Monday 27 May 2013

SCRATCHIN' ROUND - Panther Ray, Milezo & the Noize, Halasan Bazar

I've been listening to a few bits of good old scratchy, garage-y, psych-ish stuff of late. That is a wide net for sounds but, hey, it serves to tie the bands together for the sake of an homogeneous post. 'Cause homogeneity is important right? This is stuff to help you hold it together, anyway.

First up is Daily Season by Panther Ray for your afternoon. An enthusiastic little collection of tunes that creeps up on you in a good way. Good like, 'Hey! There's tambourine in this track. Nice...'. I like tambourine. I also like shaker - and there's shaker. And trumpet as well! It's got a throwback element to it and sounds like it could have been recorded next door. If your neighbours were happy-go-lucky buzz-fuelled garage popsters, and they played you joyously into your driveway, that is.

Next 'round is Milezo & the Noize's Milezo which, for me, has been excellent evening music. The cure for losing it to life's anxieties at around 11:47pm.

Useless speculation gets caressed towards the ether. New thoughts from another mouth slide in under the melancholy blankets. The voice is forward but not forceful, the lyrics kind and interesting in their presence. They take you off some place where you sort of remember being and sort of remember enjoying. It's nice.

The guitars mostly lean against the bedpost and look up at the stars. You can feel a bit of their warmth still. And the drums are there too, holding hands, saying 'Let's stay up all night sometime... but not tonight. Tonight, let's stay inside and take it easy.'

UPDATE: They just released a new album here. I'll be giving it a listen tonight.

Full circle is Halasan Bazar giving you hope on the way to work. Hope being the first necessity at such a time. The second necessity? I'm not sure.... These peeps remind you that there's more to it, but this is part of it. And if you make Space Junk a part of it, you'll feel better for it. Everything is space junk, really.

But what is 'it'? And why is 'it'? Well, they are good questions to keep in mind. Mostly they're good because you're alive to ask them. Asking them might even keep you alive - and you shouldn't be blind to that. So drift along and let the indicators and Halasan Bazar blur your drive into a part of your life. Let it get you round for another day.

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