Friday 31 May 2013

Friday Cover Up - Dinowalrus Are Like A Rolling Stone

Here's a little Friday cover up to close out the week. Brooklyn rambling rockers Dinowalrus have taken a step away from their normal shtick (if you can call it that - the trio have wavered between Titus Andronicus histrionics and Part & Labor noodlings, and seeing as various members of the band have inhabited said bands at one stage or another, it's no wonder at all). Their take on The Rolling Stones' classic 'No Expectations' is an understated, pastoral amble through the grass-stalks of a burnt field, embers floating in the bruised air, eyes reddened from without and within. Jagger has never sound so elegantly wasted - that's saying something.

Dinowalrus - No Expectations (The Rolling Stones cover)

Dinowalrus are prepping their third LP, set for 2014. Stay tuned on that front.

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