Wednesday 22 May 2013

Burning The WTCHS

Losing vowels has been in for a while now. Hamilton, Ontario's WTCHS ensure that you lose your bowels too, scraping metal on metal to create an atonal morass of base emotions and desires that still maintain they are catchy and carefree - the perfect crime. Wet Weapons is a four track EP that thrashes violently in the near darkness, a dark, meticulous dirge that caresses your damaged soul. Merely an acid taster though (Wet Weapons came out in October), as this recent split with fellow Hamilton band Thoughts On Air attests. 'Mr Hands' cuts off your digits, sprinkles PCP in the wounds before cauterising them with a blazing iron, leaving your writhing in pain and harbouring dour, dire demons, both real and imagined. Excellent stuff. Grab the split here.

 WTCHS - Mr Hands

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