Thursday 23 May 2013

Single Queen Catching The Rays

Those pesky UV Racers don't know how to quit. Nathan gave his view of racism (and Racismhere. They have a 7" coming out soon through No Patience (whose latest releases - 7" singles from Brisbane's Occults and Adelaide's Rule Of Thirds, are commendable purchases also), and if the lurid artwork is anything to go by, it promises to threaten you with physical harm before squeezing your crotch and licking your eyeball. This track off it doesn't play with conventions, nor need it - playing against type is their modus operandi. Look at that title. Ridiculous, right? That's how they lower your guard. Then before you know it your lipstick is smeared, your fishnets are torn, and your hair is askew, bits of straw sticking out like crooked confetti. Yet your mascara stays firmly in place - there will be no tears here, son.

If you are in the US, you can catch The UV Race playing a bunch of shows, the next few under the wing of fellow reprobates Total Control, before they pull up stumps at the Chaos in Tejas festival in Austin.

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