Tuesday 28 February 2012

The Stars And The Surf Are Worth The (Re)Visit

I can never claim to be a true Nada Surf acolyte. When 'Popular' came out, I thought that was who the New York outfit was. Since then I have heard various tracks (I'm particularly fond of 'Blonde On Blonde' and 'Hi Speed Soul'), but due this failure to truly immerse myself in their delights, I have never been able to shake the notion that they are nothing but a novelty act. Well, they are still kicking, and have brought forth The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy. To be honest, it's OK? I guess I need to give it a second, maybe a third shot. It did re-awaken me to their 2002 album Let Go though, and that IS a great album. Go back and embrace these guys once more, you never know, they may become "popular" once more (Wait, WHAT? Is that a pun? Fuck, it's time to go home. I've Blonde On Blonde, playing on my stereo...)

Nada Surf - When I Was Young

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