Wednesday 29 February 2012

Asfandyar Khan Take The North Wind

You might remember right back at the inception of Sonic Masala (all the way back in the heady days of 2010) that I was enamoured with an EP out of Pakistan called Snow Makes Things Perfect (check it out here). The artist behind this wonderful ambient suite of sound was Asfandyar Khan. Its been a while, but Khan is back with another EP, The North Wind, and it's not as good. Why? Because it is far too short! The four songs on this release go just over 11 minutes altogether, and this floats by. It's an inimitably replayable disc that's for sure. Khan has created a minimalist soundscape that is better than prescription drugs. If you cant transport yourself to a better life armed solely on this EP, you aren't trying hard enough.

Grab The North Wind here.

Asfandyar Khan - Warp

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