Wednesday 29 February 2012

Doubling The Cat In Uralba

Melbourne's Cat Cat really did themselves a disservice bringing out their debut LP Uralba in the last moments of 2011, for it got lost in the tide of best of lists and premonitions of 2012. Truth be told, this lo-fi threesome have created a excellent album of languid guitar pop gems that it makes me think that this is what Real Estate should sound like. Its sunny and sexy in the right parts, introspective in the right parts, trebly all the way through. Sure, there are many bands in this corner of the world over the past forty years that have delved into these waters, but Uralba is a great release all round.

Have at Uralba - it's through Dream Damage here.

Cat Cat - Hate Me
Cat Cat - Keys And Locks Don't Work
Cat Cat - Romance

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