Tuesday 28 February 2012

Woodsman Swings Back In Time For Our Benefit

Woodsman is a band that is unrepentent if their psych sojourns come off as pretentious, as it is for them to expand their own horizons and see what takes shape. Their past releases have all been good (especially their earlier, lo-fi productions), and it's not likely to change. A giant jam session that goes wherever it goes, nothing can be taken for granted. The two truest examples of this are on two of those earlier releases, the Humdrum and Indoor Days EPs. Now reissued on the band's own Fire Talk Records, it's exciting to think that these sessions were done in home studios, and if they take these meanderings back on board, truly merging them with their newer approaches, their new LP should be mighty exciting. Listen to both EPs below, and take 'Supernal Radionics' with you.

Woodsman - Supernal Radionics

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