Friday 17 February 2012

Inner Islands Offers A Name To Return To With Acceptance

Braden over at spiritual exploration label Inner Islands has two new releases for you, and they are both game-changers for the artists involved.

Firstly we have To Return To, the debut album for Ashan (AKA Sean Conrad AKA gkfoes vjgoaf - foregoing that mouthful is a good idea...). To Return To is a peaceful blend of organics and subtle electronics, things that followers of Conrad would be aware and open to, yet it's the male/female choral vocal chants that lead us through the keyhole into a different world altogether.

Ashan - How Sweetly I Am Loved

Secondly we have Acceptance, the latest (and final) recording from Braden's own project WYLD WYZRDZ. The songs are a reflection on acceptance, built on a collection of soft drones, melodic hooks, vocal chants and moving percussion. It's easily the best thing that WW has put together, and furthermore highlights the hole left after such an artist bids us adieu.

WYLD WYZRDZ - The Road Of Acceptance

Go on, support this rad label by heading here and getting amongst these astral jams. Well worth all effort and time exerted.

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