Friday 10 February 2012

Friday Cover Up - Killing Three Posts WIth One Pizza

We have always been fans of Art Is Hard Records - they put the fun back in loving music. But I have let the last couple of releases slide by me.


Firstly, there is the cassette by Mazes' main man Jack Cooper, Art Is Cheap. It's some splendid shimmery lo-fi pop, lovely for a sunny Friday afternoon - or pretending to be lying around in one. Cooper may have superseded his band on this one, which makes this an imperative purchase. There are still some of these available, which is a goshdarn crime, so let's amend this and buy them up, pronto! (I'm a big fan of the song titles too - I too have always wondered what Fanfarlo means...)

Secondly is this lovingly packaged EP tape from Gorgeous Bully, The Young Obese. The physical version of this release is packaged in a handprinted cigarette style case, a ferociously DIY tactile notion from a ferociously DIY Thom of Gorgeous Bully, a prolific song writer and the cassette features a 'secret' bside filled with Gorgeous Bully demos previously unavailable to own. This sexy package is unfortunately sold out, but you can hit AIH hard to make them re-release it, ok? In the swingtime, you can get a digital copy of The Young Obese here, and listen below.

Finally, AIH are three singles deep (dish) into their Biweekly 5" Pizza Club. They've pledged to release a new single every other Friday afternoon for the entirety of 2012. The single will be available for free download via their Bandcamp, but if you are quick off the mark and are the first purchaser, you can glean for yourself a one-of-a-kind CD in a 5" pizza box. Sweet huh? The bands to delve into this rad concept thus far have been the ever-excellent Bos Angeles (dying for the longer release guys...), Fruschian Void And The Headfolks, and Perfect Hair Forever. They are all great, and below. Two of them are great cover versions - hence today's elongated Friday Cover Up. So not only does this end a pretty good week, but hopefully instills in you a heady sense of anticipation for the rest of AIH's ideas for 2012. Have a good weekend people!

Bos Angeles - When You Look At Me (KEEL HER cover)
Fruschian Void and Thee Headfolks - Youth (The Black Tambourines cover)
Perfect Hair Forever - My Teen Idol

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