Tuesday 14 February 2012

Prison Produces Total, Abusive Sweat

OK. So, there is this band, right? They're called Total Abuse. They are this feral bunch of Texans that decided to murder music. Prison Sweat is the result. Maybe if the "people" from Trash Humpers were in a band, Total Abuse would be that band. That said, they are pretty fucking awesome, as 'Early Morning' attests. This is dark, insidious, yet somewhat melodic inside its scabrous soul. Stuff this lurid and dank can be a real downer, yet there are elements of Prison Sweat that invoke a sense of euphoria. Maybe I'm fucked up too.

Prison Sweat is out on Post Present Medium - get it here.

Total Abuse - Early Morning
Total Abuse - Rotting Foil

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