Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Separating The Blues Brothers At Birth

No, I wouldn't do that to you! But what I will do, is give you a taste of The Owsley Brothers new album, Separated At Birth. We posted about the Florida blueshounds here, but a bit has changed since then - namely that JE Reynolds' wife has left the band (but not him), to be replaced by "Young Ricky", who plays drums and banjo. And as you can hear below, the new duo is just as blustery as the old duo. This is a solid blues dirge of a record, harnessing the likes of early Kills, a bit of White Stripes, a bit of Six Ft Hick - it feels dirty, but oh so gooood! Put this on, swig whiskey from the bottle and start gyrating in the dirty bar down past the boonies - and damn if it wont suit you to a T...

What's more, you can get Separated At Birth for free over at! So go get it!

The Owsley Brothers - Under The Shade Of A Live Oak
The Owsley Brothers - We Are Wolves

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