Monday, 20 June 2011

Christmas Island Crack Bones, Meth Teeth Depart In Control

Dammit Sacred Bones, give me some time to breathe! Or at least have decent listening time to your other excellent releases...

This is a little different though, as it's two ace bands putting out separate 7" singles. Christmas Island kick off proceedings, hitting us with fast paced, jangly indie shambolism. The urgency on offer with 'Drawing Skulls' evokes Kings Of Leon if they remained stuck in Holy Roller Novocaine (as they should mercifully have done) and jammed with Natural Child. Then its Meth Teeth's turn to drunkenly sedate us, their drug-fuelled malaise the perfect counterpoint. I loved Meth Teeth's ultra lo-fi album Everything Went Wrong from last year, and the two tracks here let us know they are still delving in this subversive, catatonic brilliance (I should say were - they are unfortunately no more! RIP!). Four tracks, two bands, one massive slab of awesome-o.

Christmas Island - Drawing Skulls
Meth Teeth - Control

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