Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday Cover Up - Out Getting Ribs With The One You Love

THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY. Its been a busy week, I can tell you. But two tracks that will surely get us over the line and happily high-fiving our way into the oblivion of the weekend are at hand!

First we have La Sera, Katy Goodman of the Vivian Girls' side project. Ive slowly been warming to this act, moreso than even the "day" band, and this Devil Hearts Grows Gold 7" continues that love. Not half because the B-side is an eggsellent cover of The Shirelles' 1961 hit 'Dedicated To The One I Love." Im also more than a little in love with the fiery-headed Katy, so it's win-win for me. Hear both tracks from the 7" below...

La Sera - Devil Hearts Grows Gold
La Sera - Dedicated To The One I Love (Shirelles cover)

Ah, School Knights, you are doing all the right things by me at the moment! That 'Fuck The Beach' track was killer, now this irreverent throwaway cover of Zoo Kid's "Out Getting Ribs". Now Im not familiar with the original - or that band - but I love me some School Knights, don't you?

School Knights - Out Getting Ribs (Zoo Kid cover)

And you know what? The original is pretty tasty in itself, much more gloomy Midlands indie crooner, but pretty cool, check it out below...

HA0004 - Zoo Kid - "Out Getting Ribs" from House Anxiety on Vimeo.

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