Thursday, 9 June 2011

There's One Long Black Valley At The Foot Of White Hills

Ah, White Hills, you crazy psychedelic cats! So a month or so ago (for Record Store Day no less!) they released Black Valleys on Aquarius Records. Its one track recorded live at an Aquarius Records instore last year. Its called Black Valleys because that's what they performed as - they were already doing a gig that night in San Francisco and weren't allowed to do another one (how shit is that! Also, White Hills = Black Valleys, geddit? ahhhhh, those stoners!) Its half an hour of psych drawl bliss as only this LA freakniks know how. They have a new, proper release through Thrill Jockey, HP-1, out on Saturday - if you want to preorder, do so here. But while you wait (and seeing as Black Valleysis understandably sold out), here it is, the performance, in its entirety!

White Hills - Black Valleys

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