Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Batty Sleepwear

Toronto trio The Bats Pajamas offer a brand of irreverent discordant noise that shows no allegiance to anything resembling rock etiquette, flinging faeces in the face on some tracks, shameless aping on others. Their self-titled debut came out this time last year, recorded by Steve Albini, and they are prepping their second full-length. I received this in the 'mail, so assume this is a "touching base" kind of PR stunt before the next, new album hits us in the face. It will be very interesting to see how the three-piece has grown in the twelve months since these tracks were laid down - its is decidedly sloppy and (that word again...) irreverent, and Im hoping they have tightened the screws on that appeal without learning to play their instruments any better - it is the shmbolic nature of the band that has them at their height of their diabolical powers.

You can buy The Bats Pajamas in vinyl, or download digitally for free, on their Bandcamp site.

The Bats Pajamas - Downtown Nitty Gritty
The Bats Pajamas - Go Bowie Go

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