Monday, 13 June 2011

One In, All In...Side A Horse...

Brighton continue to pump out worthy yet quirky rock acts, don't they? Must be all the cockles... Everyone To The Anderson are the new band Im referring to, releasing their debut album The Man Born From Inside Of A Horse today via Unlabel. You can tell they like their dissonant, irreverent, verbose acts, from the lengthy album title to the lyrics held within these sinewy tracks. The instrumentation itself is a mixture of Antidotes-era Foals, 90s Dischord (think a lighter shade of Fugazi) as well as some of the more angular mid 90s Sub Pop acts. With a bit of Blood Red Shoes, Pulled Apart By Horses and Future Of The Left for good measure. Can too many influences spoil the broth? Au contraire, mon frere! The funniest thing is that whilst Everyone To The Anderson is never as good at the particular style that each of these aforementioned artists are cornerstones of, but by utilising each technique create something else entirely, a sound that is equal parts exciting and refreshing. They can brood - see 'Danzig High Flyer' - but are best when they are being bizarrely obtuse whilst pulling lefts and rights with wily precision. Check punchy 'Computermen' for their delicately built countenance to implode spectacularly, whilst opener 'High Brow, Low Brow, No Eyebrow' is the sum of all their parts. This is an assured debut - expect them to climb the UK live ladder this summer...

Everyone To The Anderson - Let's Take This To Smithereens

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