Friday, 10 June 2011

Future Accidental Sightings

I mentioned only a few weeks ago that Sightings' 2010 album City Of Straw was doing my head in in a beautifully chaotic way. Well that's been superseded by this year's effort, Future Accidents. Its full of the dissonant maelstrom of noise that we've come to know and love from the New York act, and the four tracks here are resolute in their propensity to pummel in a staccato fashion. It all uncoils like a roll of barbed wire, coming in fits and bursts and ripping apart the palms of your hands. Its unrepentantly repellent, with far more angular slugger moments here than Albini could wet dream over - and yet it is all held within a controlled environment. You never feel safe with Sightings - the visceral power they wield more often than not feels restrained, like they are holding back, knowing that our puny brains couldn't handle a full frontal lobotomy assault. Yet then they donkey punch you with the looped mechanics of twenty minute closer 'Public Remains' - even though it too feels controlled in its repetitive malaise. A brilliant band, with another stellar release.

Future Accidents is out now on vinyl only through Our Mouth - get it here.

Sightings - To The World

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