Monday, 6 June 2011

A Chelsea At The Door

I must admit Ive been behind the eight-ball on this one. By about four or so months I reckon. I first heard some stuff by Chelsea Wolfe a few days before I left London, back in January this year. My sister and her fella were gushing over her, saying that she held a style and sound very similar to Zola Jesus. I have to say that there are slim similarities, but Wolfe's oeuvre is somewhat darker - yet it is bubbling under the same gossamer sheen that Zola and other artists like Glasser utilise, thus making it even more menacing and captivating. That was The Grime And The Glow. If you haven't heard it, fucking hear it. It is dark, disturbed, and altogether beautiful. I am in its sway and thrall, like a voodoo curse. Be careful with this - its a narcotic you may not be able to return from...

Chelsea Wolfe - Advice & Vices

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