Saturday, 25 June 2011

Drawing The Line

I spoke briefly last month about SoCal's Mothers Of Gut, and their album Unking. Ive been listening to another track off the album, 'Stalemate', and it more than lives up to that initial promise. There are elements of Neil Young's 'Man Needs A Maid' in the instrumentation surrounding the chorus, which is pretty ace in itself, but this is inherently psych rock, meandering woozily amidst spectral guitarwork, echoed mewlings, haunted strings and everything heavily reverbed throughout - its foreboding, drug addled, and vintage, and leaves an indelible shiver etched into your spine.

Unking is available now through Family Time Records - get it here.

Mothers Of Gut - Stalemate
Mothers Of Gut - Wizard Tree

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