Thursday, 9 June 2011

Assassinate The TV

Ive mentioned Assassins 88 and TV Colours already this year, and love them both. Its great to see that Dream Damage Records have brought the two bands together for an ace split release that is well worth the wax it's pressed on. It has been out a while over here - about three or so months - but it perfectly encapsulates the bands' progression. Yet its still interesting to see Assassins 88 steer away from the excellent sounds they breathed into their Kaneda EP for more traditional sounding garage surf punk - they still pull it off with bored aplomb, and its exciting stuff, but they have shown glimpses of more. TV Colours on the other hand have taken this chance with two sweaty palms and headbutted the fuck out of it. I have already mentioned 'The Kids Are All Grown Up' in the past, and 'Heavy Metal Sleeve Skies' is definitely as much of a speaker killer as its predecessor, but with a little more to go on. Im not sure why they have produced songs that jam every sonic noise up into the red, but they have carved something giddy in the process.

You can grab the split here.

Assassins 88 - Raising Phoenix
TV Colours - Heavy Metal Sleeve Skies

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