Thursday, 9 June 2011

Video Vacuum - Balkans, Family Portrait, Three Trapped Tigers

Well its supposedly winter here in Australia, not that you'd know it. I tried to wear a sweater yesterday for the entire day - lost five pounds. Ah well, there are benefits to living in Brisbane... That doesn't mean that work doesn't suck. It does, righteously. So here are some moving images and loud sounds to get us by for at least 10 more minutes...

We gave a bit of a back slap to the new self-titled album by New Jersey's Family Portrait recently (check it out here). Well, here is a pretty nice video for 'Interlude 1/Never Should've Been There'...

Family Portrait - Interlude I // Never Should've Been There from Behind the Walk-in on Vimeo.

Balkans have been on a serious ride since their self-titled album dropped just a few weeks ago via Atlanta label, Double Phantom Records. Most recently, Spin Magazine chose them as one of their 5 Best New Artists for June and Impose Magazine debuted their new video for "Flowers Everywhere". So those bastarderos beat us to the punch, but so be it?

BALKANS - Flowers Everywhere from Frank Broyles on Vimeo.

Three Trapped Tigers have also had a bit of a run on lately. Now, I wouldn't say this track is their finest, but it's still good, and the video is a cross between 'Money For Nothing' style "breakthrough" animation and Starfox on the Nintendo polygon style "breakthrough" animation - anyway, I liked it... (Plus its worth noting that their album Route One Or Die has just come out - you can buy it here!)


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