Monday, 27 June 2011

Bozmo In The Highest

I mentioned the Golden Feeling 7" that discordant kids Bozmo put out recently. Well, today they release their debut LP Hosanna In The Highest with a release party in Boston - if you're around, get on it! Im still loving 'Milksnakes' - a punchier, punkier number tinged with 60s pop abandon and with Belle & Sebastian style acerbic lyrics, and it deservedly opens up the album. But there are so many more great tracks - the MOR easy listening Little River Band twist with an 80s Bowie chaser of 'The Lonely Ghost'; the unhinged wails that punctuate the fun as hell 'Witchy Wu'; the Radiation Vibes era Fountains Of Wayne aura of 'Golden Feeling'... Its the various 60s guitar pop guideposts that you hear littered throughout - is there Buddy Holly and Del Shannon in 'Kill The Beast'? The harmonies that are littered throughout Hosanna In The Highest are also mightily impressive, and help to elevate this release from a good to an inherently fun album, one that Ive gravitated towards playing at the end of a day of...well, listening to music, but the fun part, when Im listening to music for me. And that is a pretty good stamp of approval if you ask me - which you didn't, but you should have.

Bozmo - Witchy Wu
Bozmo - Milksnakes

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